Friday, June 26, 2015

Keep Planting Seeds

With monumental events happening in our world every day, I cannot help but reflect on our forebears who carried the same desire and intent within their hearts that we carry.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is nothing new, but a longing as ancient as consciousness.

And many, named and unnamed have walked the trails, tilled the soil, and excavated the physical and metaphorical rubble away from our landscape in order that those things might find breath.

There is a profound Zen proverb that says the seed never sees the flower.  

Far too many times we see how those from our ancestry have planted seed after seed after seed yet never fully reaped the benefit of the blossoming that you and I do.  And the same can be said that we, also, plant seeds that perhaps will wane in their blossoming long after we have made our exit from this earth.

Our job is to keep planting seeds. 

Regardless of how far along the harvest may seem, we are never to cease using our vision, our imagination and our action to further the cause of that life and that liberty and that bounty of happiness that belongs to each generation that surpasses us.

The Native Americans practiced what was known as the 7th Generation Principle.  What will be the repercussions of our collective decisions seven generations from now? How will my choices affect the planet and its people?

It’s a beautiful and selfless aspiration.

In wake of Charleston, the Supreme Court rulings, our countries impending birthday, and the thousands of other events and situations that rise up across our nation and our world, what seeds of life, liberty and happiness can you plant so that even one generation from now, our deliberate choosing will be a blessing to this world?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Prayers for Charleston - Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

We heard from many within our Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta community regarding their pains, fears, hopes and aspirations for the future of our country and its ongoing racial division.
It was powerful and healing for those who were present. This is but one of two services where people were able to share.  If you want to go directly to that portion, you can advance the video to the 40 minute mark.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Determined Imagination

The great metaphysical writer and teacher Neville Goddard shared, 

“Determined imagination, thinking from the end, is the beginning of all miracles.”

‘Thinking from the end’  is spending voluminous time in the mental contemplation of demonstration. It is the practice of repetitively invoking the feeling nature of what it would be like to have a particular desire already in form.

We do this everyday.  Often our repetitive mental imagery is on the undesirable. When this occurs, we are operating as a product of race thought accompanied by mass, unconscious habits. 

Determined imagination, as described by Neville, is the conscious use of our mind.  It is choosing to rise above the mental worst case scenarios and steady streams of personal doubt to a different steady stream of imagined solution, peace and joyful outcome.

We can become masterful at this if we want to.

Let’s practice.

*Take a circumstance where you feel restriction, doubt or fear.

*Through the use of your imagination see this circumstance as completely and peacefully resolved. It is a non-issue. Every single element of it has been handled and all is exceedingly well.  You might add to this imagery that everyone involved feels a win-win. All parties gain expansion and are now experiencing a higher quality of life. See a smile on your face. Feel the lightness within your heart. 

*Feel the waves of relief that float throughout your body.

*Sit with this feeling of resolve and allow yourself to feel the serenity that comes with this imagined outcome. Practice prolonging this feeling.

*Revisit this mental imagery repeatedly throughout your day.

*Allow yourself to embellish the feeling of wellness and become more sensory specific with regards to the sensations, sights and smells associated with this.

*Revisit again and again and again.

*Make it a regular ritual.

This simple recipe of changing our mental focus is the one and only template necessary for changing the quality of our life.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Secret Of Success

The secret of success is constancy to purpose. ~ Benjamin Disraeli

When I search for the pinnacle of definitions for the word success
     I abandon all ties to materialism and end up with an answer that tells how all genuine success is a true understanding of oneself and a belief that your worth, abilities and gifts are both invaluable and necessary.

When I search for the pinnacle of definitions for the word purpose
     I abandon all ties to vocational skills and titles and believe it to be found in the ancient Greek aphorism ‘know thyself’.

Take those definitions, 
     rework Disraeli’s quote, 
          and you come up with something like;

The secret of knowing and loving the self is the constant devotion to knowing and loving the self.

The fast track to lasting success is remaining constant in honoring the sacred relationship between the only thing that truly matters - you and your worth.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Your Creativity Matters

When describing the Universe, Intelligence, God or even ourselves from a spiritual viewpoint, we use the word creative.

We are the self contemplation of a creative Intelligence therefore we are by our very nature creative beings.

What does that mean?

Our entire spiritual and physical coding is an energy system of creative ideas longing to be explored and expressed. And, since energy is never stagnant, we are never void of an infinite pool of ideas longing for an outlet. Quite simply, you and I are here to create.  We are walking, breathing vessels of talent. Everyone is talented. Whether telling jokes around the office or playing violin at La Scala, we all are exhibiting that creativity in an infinite array. 

But the inherent energy of creativity isn’t contained merely in our talents. It is fueled by passion.
When you combine passion with talent then the unique creativity that is you catches fire.

Physical fire is ignited from friction. Creative fire has its share of friction as well. It is nearly always birthed from ambiguity and anxiety. We question our talents, our worth, even our existence but if passion is there, it endures the anxiousness and ultimately embraces it. 

The Latin phrase “Anxietate tua temper prudenter  utere means “Always use your anxiety creatively.”

Your creativity matters and the passion that might be suffocating within you longs to breathe.

Do not become stalled by your anxiousness, rather use it creatively to listen deeper, practice longer and allow yourself to be happier as the result.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Living Out Loud

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~ Clarence Budington Kelland

The phrase living out loud often describes a person who lives their code of conduct in a transparent manner. Spiritually speaking, living out loud, suggests using everyday life as a platform to prove the principle of spiritual law - to take a perceived limitation and transform it into a new standard of accomplishment - to take a desire and go after it with intention and purpose regardless of any ‘mess amongst the mystery’ that may be unearthed in a public fishbowl viewing process. 

It describes a person vulnerable and daring enough to try something new, knowing that outside eyes will scrutinize and broadcast every perceived flaw.

Living out loud is honest and exhilarating, yet unnerving for those who find themselves heavily tempted to retreat and surrender to the conforming voice inside them.

To return back to this bold state of being requires...

letting go of perfection - in human form we all make less than optimal choices. Mistakes are like cosmic emory boards filing away the jagged edges of our evolution. Without the trying and failing, the ebbs and the flows, we would never understand and appreciate the nature of growth and its endless gifts. We can learn to laugh at our foibles and see them as stepping stones to our expanding wisdom.

letting go of the need to please - when we burden ourselves with people pleasing, we begin to lose our self identity and begin creating fragmented personas with hopes of securing our position in friendships and work environments. Because we don’t dare expose our perceived failures for fear of being judged, those very fears overtake and freeze us into a fraudulent existence. We aren't living a life, we are managing our multiple personas. Honoring who you are and what intuitively feels right resuscitates your purpose and worth, bringing you back in alignment with others who revere the authentic you.

letting in the idea that the Universe is on your side - all things are working together for our good but most of the time we don’t trust that - at all. In fact, many times, we feel that nothing is working and it is our job to get in there and control the outcome with effort and worry. Trust is key. Living out loud is cultivating that trust day after day and bringing our tendencies of sabotage to the light - to expose and release them in order to feel, see and know the care of Source. 

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