Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From Prevention to Transcension

Often our spiritual journey starts as an act of prevention. 

We are in pain and we seek a solution to alleviate our turmoil - to transport ourselves to an improved lifestyle.  This is understandable. 

It is the reason most of us became avid journeymen on the spiritual path.
Yet, if we grow in our understanding of spiritual principles and dive deep into the application of our free use of an unlimited creative law, we become aware that staying in the energy of prevention only perpetuates an experience where prevention or "protection" is necessary.

Protection from what - an economic disaster, an unhealable disease, an unlovable nature? 

With too much focus on protection as our cause, its need becomes our inevitable effect.

We are destined to return to our pure nature. We are designed to use our creative spiritual principles of law for more than a Band-Aid over unrelinquished fears.  We are designed to return to the untainted, powerful instrument of unlimited creativity and purposeful expression.

Staying in prevention mode delays your bigger purpose.  

Ask yourself what you are afraid of. 
Are these fears in alignment with spiritual truth?

Already knowing the fundamental answer to this, these two steps will help move you from simply existing in prevention to thriving in transcension.

1) Persistently deny the reality of a faltering future.  You cannot be separated from the divine outpouring of divine right action anymore than you can be separated from the laws of gravity. It is the reality of life that all is love for all is God. Do what you must to return to this truth every day.

2) Persistently let in the all encompassing good. Do not shun it by flirting with troubles. Do not pinch it off by entertaining ideas of unworthiness or shame. Do not go unconsciousness of its presence by blanketing its light with your unwillingness to claim your deserved joy.

You are modeled after ultimate Intelligence. Every system within you is designed with Universal harmony are already encoded within.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Your Vibrational Atmosphere

 No one is betraying you. Each person you encounter is honoring your practiced vibrational atmosphere.

Everything has its origin in Thought. Before anything surfaces in our experience, the theme of that experience first appeared within our thoughts. And it wasn’t just a one time mental drive by.  The corresponding thought was something that drove round and round in our mind and eventually parked in the lot of our belief system.

I’ve loved and championed this concept of thought and how it becomes both belief and personal vibration when reading stories of Olympic athletes mindfully visualizing winning the gold medal.  Each of their processes describes habitual thought practice so ingrained, so constant, that when the win actually happened, each remarked how the winning day was like any other day.  They had been winning in their mind for so long that it was accepted as inevitable.

I’ve hated and resisted this concept of thought and how it becomes both belief and personal vibration when I’ve heard that I am the creator of my own reality and I currently do not like my reality. I want to argue and say, “I would never choose this upset, this illness, this betrayal. Yet, I’ve been driving around with thematic thoughts of ‘the world as unfair’, ‘myself as not good enough’ or ‘nothing ever works out for me’ so many times around my mental track that it has become, as the opening sentence indicates, my vibrational atmosphere.

Ernest Holmes motto was undeniably clear, “Change your thinking, change your life.”

It tells us, in simple terms, how universal law works in our collective and individual world.

And as truth students, we thankfully keep asking ourselves, “Why would I choose to continue misusing a law that is designed to bring me ultimate freedom?

By loosening the reigns of ego, we run towards our personal responsibility rather than fleeing from it. Life becomes a joyous and successful experiment using Universal law to deliver consistently positive results with eager accommodation.

We are designed for victory, not victimhood. We are whole at our very core, not fragmented, bruised and broken. Know that each of us is designed for boundless manifestation. Making this our number one intention, we enter into purposeful living with a vibrational frequency surrounding and delivering to us all that we could ever possibly need.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Season of Reflection

Something undeniable happens at this time of the year.   

We stop, however brief, and reflect on light, holiness, good-will and the universal aspirations of mankind to reach outside usual thought patterns and accept something more expansive and hopeful for our lives and the lives of others.

If we cooperate in this sacred recognition, we return to the Kingdom.  It is the Kingdom of Light. It is a Kingdom, not made of hands, but with heart and spirit and love.

I offer you an affirming prayer that you may choose to enter into this Kingdom and discover for yourself a relief to every pain, a smile for every sorrow, a love for every fear and the reality of transcendence for every time you chose to recognize God in all situations.

Wherever you are this holiday season, pause, breathe deeply and simply utter a prayer of thanks.

Be willing to receive your well-deserved Kingdom.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Gratitude Is A Lifestyle

Gratitude is a lifestyle, not an expression reserved for a special occasion.

To practice gratitude requires something of you.

Mainly, it is to see the light of truth in all situations.

What a journey our souls signed up for – to walk this planet, in this incarnation, and to reawaken daily to the practice - the deliberate choosing,  of seeing the Divine in all things. It is your soul’s assignment and it is what you and I came here to do.

This season of  Thanksgiving, whether we gather with family and friends, or find ourselves alone, our souls need our cooperation. Just like it does everyday, our true self beckons us to remember why we are here.

We are here to love.  When you honor another with thoughts and/or actions of love, particularly when it is not convenient, when other’s loyalties become fickle and accusatory, even when they condemn or conspire against you, you are loving every part of you. When you love those who turn against you, you love the part of you that turns against you. When you choose loving thoughts towards those who condemn, you love and restore the part of you that self-condemns. When you choose to love another even in profound disappointment, you bathe yourself in compassion for all the times you have disappointed yourself.

This is because there is no ‘us and them’.  We are all interconnected. How you act towards another is the action you direct at yourself.

We each have the power to help restore this world back to its original divinity.

I invite you to do your part.  Offer love to those in pain without needing anything in return. Offer it to the victims as well as the perpetrators. Offer it to a hurting world. And, especially, offer it to yourself.

May we uncover the power of this within our own experience this holiday.
May we reawaken to our personal magnificence and honor our soul’s assignment.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The afternoon breeze hits me in the face as I sit eye level with the half dozen coconuts that hang on the swaying tree. From the second floor of our latest educational building here in Siem Reap Cambodia, I have the perfect spot to take in the full spectrum of the school - a fully realized dream come true. The afternoon bell rings and the children have charged out of the various classrooms preparing for their return home.  There are squeals of adventurous laughter, the gathering of shoes and a final line up where announcements are given before they walk or peddle their bikes towards their respective villages.
Today, before their departure, they serenade me with a rendition of a song I taught them more than 4 years ago. They have titled it Mr. David’s song and their thick Cambodian accents attempt to pronounce these words.

I can’t help but blossom
I can’t help but grow
For knowing deep in my heart is planted
A love this world must know

I can’t help but prosper
I can’t help but shine, shine, shine
With every beat of my heart I’m sharing
This life with all divine.

It feels surreal. So much has happened during the eleven years of continuously traveling here that I sometimes find it overwhelming to imagine this journey of determination was actually mine. Had I known the years of frustration in the beginning, I doubt that I, or anyone for that matter, would have signed on for such a thing.  But now, walking around our quaint and highly functioning campus, I’m glad I didn't know. I’m glad for the beauty of naivete that helps each of us uncover that ‘anything is possible’ mentality.  It truly is.  You just have to constantly cooperate with the side of what is possible rather than what isn’t.

In my latest book, The Grass Is Greener Right Here, I devote the first chapter to a synopsis of this decade plus adventure. From the physiological and spiritual heart opening of feeding a hundred or more starving children on the banks of the local river to the documented success that only undiluted devotion can deliver.

It was here on Cambodian soil that I learned the power of perception – a theme that has helped elevate my world view and offer me a quantum leap in mental and emotional healing.

Years ago, observing a beggar woman near the causeway of the famous temple Angkor Wat, I crafted these words –

In someone else’s belief you are rich and free.
In someone else’s eyes you are smart, capable and daring.
In someone else’s world of existence you have it all
In someone else’s level of experience you have already reached their understanding of nirvana.
Whatever your story is, you are as blessed as you are willing to recognize you are.

The breeze continues as I wave good-bye to the students. Watching them wave back, I realize that indeed, I am in nirvana.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Drop And Give Me Twenty

Everyone of us yearns for a higher quality of life.  With each consciously lived day, we become aware that this higher quality is not only possible but certain given our conscious cooperation with the fundamentals of Spiritual Law.

When writing my book, The Grass Is Greener Right Here, I recalled a Sunday service long ago where a minister took a potato and tossed it, surprisingly, into the crowd. He shouted, “Pretend it’s hot!” The crowd began earnestly passing it through the auditorium with minimal contact.
“That,” he said,  “is the way you should treat your negative thinking. You wouldn’t hold onto a hot potato. Why hold on to a diminishing thought?”

That memory inspired my Drop and Give Me Twenty exercise.
Whenever you become aware of a negative thought, drop it, just like you would a hot potato and in that moment replace that thought with twenty (count ‘em) twenty positive ones that cause your mind to switch gears from destructive to constructive thinking.

Dropping the negatives leaves our hands open for the positives. This one simple exercise immerses you into choosing and acting consciously. By reciting twenty positive things about yourself every time you catch yourself thinking negatively, your entire mental atmosphere starts to wondrously change. 
For example;

  • I am a wonderful listener and people feel seen and heard in my presence.
  • I have a sharp mind that loves to problem solve.
  • I am loving to my pets.
  • I am a responsible driver.
  • I am willing to learn new things and embrace change.

In my book I offer this, Spiritual mastery just takes repetitive training-immersion into a new state of awareness by course correcting our habitual negatives into habitual positives.

Everyone of us is equipped to be successful at this.  It just takes immersion – a lifestyle choice to restore ourselves to our true essential nature.

If you are willing to try it, the Universe is primed and readied to respond.

Drop and Give Me Twenty!

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