Monday, September 22, 2014

Let Go The Good Or Bad Label - A Decision Is Simply A Decision

The iconic New Thought minister Raymond Charles Barker, with an apparent provocative intent wrote in The Power of Decision, “Too many of the people, whom this world labels as good, are actually static, frightened people. They lack the courage to do wrong.”

How many of us have entered into the multi-faceted dynamics of life and the accompanying day to day decisions around our persona with a belief that looking good, answering good, behaving good is actually a positive?  If we were to authentically pause and examine our motivations, how much of our decisions are fear based rather than knowing based?  In this regard is caution good?

Another way to consider this approach is to look at life through the lens of Physical Decision Making vs. Spiritual Decision Making.

The physical approach to deciding and creating is the belief that we are going from nothing to something.  The ‘something’ does not exist and thus we must be careful. We must be good - avoid being wrong at all cost in order to have that ‘something’.  The spiritual approach is knowing that the ‘something’ is already here. It is undeniable. I simply make my decisions knowing that whatever direction the effect of my choice produces is simply leading me closer and closer to a greater fullness of my desires
already-fully-formed existence. There are no bad decisions, there are simply decisions that lead to greater clarity, greater alignment, greater embodiment.

A wonderful technique to invite greater knowing is to begin noticing the level at which you second-guess yourself.  What’s behind that hesitation? What might be fueling any doubt? Are you willing to drop the word guess from the equation and entertain the truth that your solution already exists? Whatever the current 'hidden' answer is, choose to affirm that it's apparent absence in no way extinguishes its existence.  Think of a cloudy sky and the fact that it does not extinguish an infinite galaxy beyond its stars. Each decision is proactive, not detractive and you can never, from the spiritual perspective be wrong.

This way we can let go of the hesitation and procrastination that comes with the fear of appearing wrong.  There is no wrong, there is only one refined decision after another after another after another. Any labeled glitch is a cloud.  Clouds are transitory. As I have often said, "Don't let a momentary cloud be your permanent sky."

Affirm: That which I desire is already here.  I welcome the removal of any barriers to my desire and celebrate the already having received joy of its arrival. And so it is!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Keep Showing Up

Training, practice, commitment, accountability…..these are all words that we use regularly to describe our role in consciousness development as we embark upon a higher quality of life.

And I think it accurate to say that we have stretches of time where we seem to excel at the implementation of these words in our lives and other times where our focus becomes fuzzy - our trust in the idea that all things are working together for our good begins to wane.

And if left with only one powerful suggestion to offer anyone who was experiencing that fuzziness and waning what would it be?

I would choose this…..

Keep showing up.  

Whatever atmosphere, group, spiritual practice, ideology or forum that infuses you with glimpses of truth, then keep showing up for that modality.

Marianne Williamson wrote, “In a world where thoughts based on fear prevail, you’re going against the flow to make a true and genuine stand for love. It’s not easy to walk up two flights of stairs when you’re not in physical shape, and it’s not easy to make an unpopular stand for faith and forgiveness when you’re not in spiritual shape.”

Being in spiritual shape is the greatest act of love we could perform for ourselves.

It requires continuing self-examination to remove all the barriers that we have created in Mind against others and ourselves.

There is no need for barriers for there is no ‘us and them.’  There is no need for barriers for there is no reality to being broken or unworthy.

If we keep showing up in arenas of truth, we work the muscle of our mental knowing.

If a recommitment is welcomed in your world, begin looking for the alibis and excuses we create that keep us distanced from being in spiritual shape and if you are willing to love yourself more, begin dropping one alibi at a time.

Keep showing up. Keep showing up. Keep showing up

Monday, August 25, 2014

Shaken To The Core

Shaken to the core
delivers air to the inception of your belief
and allows it the chance to
and redefine itself.
Everyone's core needs shaking,
their cages rattled,
their complacency injected with stimulants-
equal parts breath and suffocation,
to bring them to the precipice of decision.
Either I choose life or I settle for its lesser model.
Life is the undefinable allness that permeates every living thing.
I am life, not a reasonable facsimile.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Cardinal

There is a cardinal that often visits our backyard. 

These visits are nothing out of the ordinary. Plenty of birds visit the dense tree population of our neighborhood. Yet, the male cardinal, with its striking red coloring stands out in the summer landscape of deep greens and browns and the stark winter pallet of gray. 
Of all there is to see, my eye is immediately directed to him wherever he is perched. There is no denying his presence.
I continue to affirm that my inner vision sees spiritual truth in the same way. This truth teaches and reminds us that all is well, all the time. Regardless of the conditions around me, I long to develop the immediacy of seeing this in whatever landscape of earthly circumstance I view.
Imagine such a developed sense of consciousness!
Imagine having a filter within our mind that lasers past the illusion and sees only wholeness.
No matter what the outer picture of the world may appear to be, we immediately see solution.  
No matter what the information broadcasted, we see the undeniable presence of the Divine. 
No matter what level of darkness befalls us, we see the undeniable flicker of light.
Divine order - the ever constant energy of love is always right in the midst of it all.  Truth is noble and vibrant in its energy  like the coloring and disposition of the cardinal.  

It becomes our spiritual practice to 'see' it always in all ways.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shout It Out

Today, I know that everything that has transpired in my life has brought me to this moment of awareness.

As I become aware of the now - the fact that I am breathing, that there is food in my belly, a roof over my head and clothes on my back, I can see that I have more in my life than a great deal of our world’s population.

I am aware that I am free to think, act and choose regarding my education, my political and sociological beliefs, to worship in what ever way speaks to my brand of spirituality. And more and more I am aware of the freedom to love whom I love without degradation or shame.

I have indoor plumbing, a hot shower, a computer to communicate and people that I can talk with openly and freely about my feelings without being jailed for oppositional opinions.

I am blessed in so many regards.

And everything in my life, what I label as pain and loss or joy and winning, has carried me here on the wings of life’s experience.

It is of no benefit to look back and mourn over what didn’t happen. We simply give thanks for the now.

As we raise our hands and hearts to the sky, we shout, “thank you life, thank you life, thank you life - for everything!”

In the energy of acknowledgement and receptivity, the Universe boomerangs back more of the high quality gifts that are already around us.

Will you shout out your gratitude today?

Friday, July 11, 2014

You Are Not Broken and Neither Is The World

Man does not exist for the purpose of making an impression upon his environment. He does exist to express himself in and through his environment. There is a great difference.  - Ernest Holmes

How many of us were raised to believe that we must leave some sort of legacy, a lasting impression upon the world?  I believe many of us were and we still, in large degree, believe that.  But when you go beneath that belief you might see that an intention to leave an impression could carry with it an idea that the world is lacking something.  "Duh," some of you might say with eyes rolled, "of course it's lacking."

But how do you reconcile a damaged and diminished world view with the professed spiritual tenet that everything is made in the image and likeness of God?

One of the greatest mental turn arounds for any metaphysician is coming to a deeply rooted awareness that the world does not need to be fixed.  Holmes goes on to write, It is quite a burden lifted when we realize that we do not have to move the world - it is going to move anyway.

What is being asked of us is to see the world through the lens of wholeness.  We are not here to save anyone or anything, although that is an appealing idea to the ego. We are to continually advance in a personal awareness and idea of the Creative Divine Source as all, in all, through all. 

Whatever earthly malady might appear before us, we must view it and even enter into that situation from a place of already existing solution, knowing there is never an absence of wholeness. We do not fight against - we move through the illusion of separation.

Seeing the world as whole is seeing the world from the realm of the Absolute.  The Absolute equals the infallible, changeless, birthless, deathless Truth that the world is a creation of Divine Intelligence.
Seeing the world as broken and in need of repair is seeing the world from the realm of the Relative.  The Relative is equal to facts, statistics, trends and numbers which are products of the human mind and personal perception.  They have a shelf-life and are constantly changing in relevance.

You are not broken and neither is the world. You are enough.  You are whole. The world is whole. There is nothing to prove.  Knowing this at your most fundamental core, you may now show up in the world bringing your wholeness to the world's wholeness.  Wholeness meeting wholeness equals greater degrees of a thriving creation of infinite life. 

If I feel called to the shores of Somalia to assist or to mediate in domestic violence or help clear the debris of a storm ravaged community, the Absolute demands of me to see it all as an opportunity to love more, share more, be more of my wholeness in that situation, not with any sort of Savior complex but as one willing to bring a quiet sanity to a seeming insane situation.

Holmes opening quote reminds us of the distinction between showing up and doing and showing up and being followed by doing.  In either case you show up but the effectiveness of being rooted in your truth first followed by doing sustains and permits the already existing solutions to find the light of day while simply diving in to fix something perpetuates the brokenness. 

Free yourself from the belief that you must leave some legacy. The greatest accomplishment any of us can achieve is personal awareness.  From this awareness of self, we learn how to see the perfection in every molecule of existence.  This is the mastery we are destined for.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Life Is Always Fair

People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.  ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our relationship with our world is the overriding template for our relationship with everything.

A bold statement, yes, but when you earnestly combine the infallible workings of spiritual law to the way each of us operates in life, then you can see the truth in Emerson’s words.

The most powerful thing any of us can ever remember and then apply is the fact that it is never about anything or anyone ‘out there.’

Our experience, attitude and circumstance is not created from what anyone did or did not do. The mental and physical framework of our being is solely constructed from our thoughts about all of that. If you only grasp one thing in this lifetime let it be that.

It may appear maddening at times to own such responsibility for the quality of your life experience, particularly when our cultural landscape makes it so easy to be divisive, accusatory and blame oriented but that kind of mass conscious thinking will only breed more animosity and pain.
If freedom and joy are the attributes you crave, then always remember that life becomes how you see it.

Life is always fair. It delivers to me everything that is in harmony with my thoughts.

Affirm the following;  Today I choose to see how my life offers me one beautiful opportunity after another. Everywhere I turn someone is eager to help me along my path. I, likewise, reach out and help others. This world is my loving family and I allow myself to receive that love. And so it is.