Friday, November 28, 2014

Gratitude Is A Lifestyle

Gratitude is a lifestyle, not an expression reserved for a special occasion.

To practice gratitude requires something of you.

Mainly, it is to see the light of truth in all situations.

What a journey our souls signed up for – to walk this planet, in this incarnation, and to reawaken daily to the practice - the deliberate choosing,  of seeing the Divine in all things. It is your soul’s assignment and it is what you and I came here to do.

This season of  Thanksgiving, whether we gather with family and friends, or find ourselves alone, our souls need our cooperation. Just like it does everyday, our true self beckons us to remember why we are here.

We are here to love.  When you honor another with thoughts and/or actions of love, particularly when it is not convenient, when other’s loyalties become fickle and accusatory, even when they condemn or conspire against you, you are loving every part of you. When you love those who turn against you, you love the part of you that turns against you. When you choose loving thoughts towards those who condemn, you love and restore the part of you that self-condemns. When you choose to love another even in profound disappointment, you bathe yourself in compassion for all the times you have disappointed yourself.

This is because there is no ‘us and them’.  We are all interconnected. How you act towards another is the action you direct at yourself.

We each have the power to help restore this world back to its original divinity.

I invite you to do your part.  Offer love to those in pain without needing anything in return. Offer it to the victims as well as the perpetrators. Offer it to a hurting world. And, especially, offer it to yourself.

May we uncover the power of this within our own experience this holiday.
May we reawaken to our personal magnificence and honor our soul’s assignment.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The afternoon breeze hits me in the face as I sit eye level with the half dozen coconuts that hang on the swaying tree. From the second floor of our latest educational building here in Siem Reap Cambodia, I have the perfect spot to take in the full spectrum of the school - a fully realized dream come true. The afternoon bell rings and the children have charged out of the various classrooms preparing for their return home.  There are squeals of adventurous laughter, the gathering of shoes and a final line up where announcements are given before they walk or peddle their bikes towards their respective villages.
Today, before their departure, they serenade me with a rendition of a song I taught them more than 4 years ago. They have titled it Mr. David’s song and their thick Cambodian accents attempt to pronounce these words.

I can’t help but blossom
I can’t help but grow
For knowing deep in my heart is planted
A love this world must know

I can’t help but prosper
I can’t help but shine, shine, shine
With every beat of my heart I’m sharing
This life with all divine.

It feels surreal. So much has happened during the eleven years of continuously traveling here that I sometimes find it overwhelming to imagine this journey of determination was actually mine. Had I known the years of frustration in the beginning, I doubt that I, or anyone for that matter, would have signed on for such a thing.  But now, walking around our quaint and highly functioning campus, I’m glad I didn't know. I’m glad for the beauty of naivete that helps each of us uncover that ‘anything is possible’ mentality.  It truly is.  You just have to constantly cooperate with the side of what is possible rather than what isn’t.

In my latest book, The Grass Is Greener Right Here, I devote the first chapter to a synopsis of this decade plus adventure. From the physiological and spiritual heart opening of feeding a hundred or more starving children on the banks of the local river to the documented success that only undiluted devotion can deliver.

It was here on Cambodian soil that I learned the power of perception – a theme that has helped elevate my world view and offer me a quantum leap in mental and emotional healing.

Years ago, observing a beggar woman near the causeway of the famous temple Angkor Wat, I crafted these words –

In someone else’s belief you are rich and free.
In someone else’s eyes you are smart, capable and daring.
In someone else’s world of existence you have it all
In someone else’s level of experience you have already reached their understanding of nirvana.
Whatever your story is, you are as blessed as you are willing to recognize you are.

The breeze continues as I wave good-bye to the students. Watching them wave back, I realize that indeed, I am in nirvana.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Drop And Give Me Twenty

Everyone of us yearns for a higher quality of life.  With each consciously lived day, we become aware that this higher quality is not only possible but certain given our conscious cooperation with the fundamentals of Spiritual Law.

When writing my book, The Grass Is Greener Right Here, I recalled a Sunday service long ago where a minister took a potato and tossed it, surprisingly, into the crowd. He shouted, “Pretend it’s hot!” The crowd began earnestly passing it through the auditorium with minimal contact.
“That,” he said,  “is the way you should treat your negative thinking. You wouldn’t hold onto a hot potato. Why hold on to a diminishing thought?”

That memory inspired my Drop and Give Me Twenty exercise.
Whenever you become aware of a negative thought, drop it, just like you would a hot potato and in that moment replace that thought with twenty (count ‘em) twenty positive ones that cause your mind to switch gears from destructive to constructive thinking.

Dropping the negatives leaves our hands open for the positives. This one simple exercise immerses you into choosing and acting consciously. By reciting twenty positive things about yourself every time you catch yourself thinking negatively, your entire mental atmosphere starts to wondrously change. 
For example;

  • I am a wonderful listener and people feel seen and heard in my presence.
  • I have a sharp mind that loves to problem solve.
  • I am loving to my pets.
  • I am a responsible driver.
  • I am willing to learn new things and embrace change.

In my book I offer this, Spiritual mastery just takes repetitive training-immersion into a new state of awareness by course correcting our habitual negatives into habitual positives.

Everyone of us is equipped to be successful at this.  It just takes immersion – a lifestyle choice to restore ourselves to our true essential nature.

If you are willing to try it, the Universe is primed and readied to respond.

Drop and Give Me Twenty!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Remembering and Forgetting

And still we forget sometimes.

In that forgetfulness, we engage absentmindedly in life by attempting to force the outcome. We are attached to the when, what, where and how - unknowingly fearful that something we long for may not happen. Without realizing what we are doing, we reunite our minds to stale themes of  “life as unfair or portion controlled” with regards to opportunity or success.

And still we remember sometimes.

In that remembrance, we begin in Mind and see the mental picture of the desire as an already accomplished fact. We design its perfect mental prototype and set about offering the law of creation our desire and relax in the unwavering confidence that life gives me what I dwell upon.


How might we engage in remembering more than forgetting?

Master metaphysician Joel Goldsmith wrote, “You may as well begin right here and now by realizing that the secret to having anything is first attaining the consciousness of it. Why is that? Because consciousness is God, and the moment you have the consciousness of a thing, consciousness creates it, whatever the “it” may be – home, companionship, supply, employment, health, eternality. Your consciousness builds it. “With all they getting get understanding.” With all they getting, get a consciousness of good, and then the good will follow.”

The infinite bounty of Spirit is the birthright of every human.  How does one remember to claim a birthright?  How does one claim a privilege owed them just by being born? We remember who we are, what we are and where we are – a creative being designed to create in a receptive atmosphere of creativity.

In this now moment return to Mind. In this now moment claim a consciousness that knows nothing of unworthiness, limitation, competition or dis-ease. Spend the rest of this day practicing your loyalty to your worth and appreciative of the overflow of good. As Goldsmith reminded we will eventually learn this anyway. Why wait?  Commit now to a life of remembering.


Remember in mind then see it in kind.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Creation Is Never Static

Creation is never static.  

Progress grows out of motion and you, as a vessel of creation, are designed for progress.
This leads to an understanding that experience is never really duplicated because no subsequent experience can be an exact replica of the one(s) before it. Nothing is completely either/or.  Life is fluid.  You are both introverted and extroverted. You are both masculine and feminine. You are binary, possessing yin and yang.

Far too often we fight this fluid, expansive nature within us by caging our creativity in stale patterning.

Yes, I can honor the legacies of those before me but I do not want to be a carbon copy of them. Yes, I can appreciate my heritage, my country, my alma mater, but I never want to stop forging new terrains of adventure and ideas.

Your creative nature needs permission to venture outside the familiar.  It needs to be stimulated so that you actually experience the energy of nervousness inside your gut before you take to life’s stage to express it.
It is our fear, plain and simple, that keeps us loyal to conformed, static ideals.

Change is natural. Fear of change is not.

George Bernard Shaw said “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

Consider these questions.
Where have you suppressed your creativity?
Where have you become reasonable about life?
What will it take to give your ideas the necessary resuscitation to breathe again and see that anything is possible in a cosmic world that knows no limitation?

You are the one in charge.  You have the lock and key in your own hands.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Clarity is a spectacular gift that awaits our acceptance. It is much like that needed gasp of air that rushes to the lungs after being weighed down in the waters of dense confusion. Clarity restores us to our true nature. It aims its spotlight on our darkened worldview.
Becoming clear is exactly that, it is becoming conscious that clarity is your natural state.  It is within you now.

How may intrinsic acts of becoming clear benefit you in these situations?

Co-dependence – Clarity births increasing awareness to anyone on a conscious path that you cannot do anyone else’s growth for them.  Getting clear on this forces all of us to turn that misdirected energy back to getting our own house in order rather than acting as the maid for someone else’s messes. Author Cameron C. Taylor wrote,  “If you take away a person’s struggle, you take away their victory. It’s like pulling a caterpillar out of it’s cocoon before it’s time. It will never develop into a butterfly.”

Resilience – Clarity shines light on solution.  It reminds (re-minds) us that there is no situation that exists separate from divine order.  Resilience and rebirth will not be a part of our human experience if we resist or refuse to hug solution rather than hug our troubles.  Motivational writer Marie Forleo succinctly encouraged, "Everything is figureoutable."

The weather will change – Clarity reminds us that change is constant and that we will always be connected to Intelligence. All aspects of worldly form will morph, bend, recede and expand like the weather.  If our consciousness-our worth, is predicated on sunny skies alone, then we will spend great amounts of energy trying to outrun and predict the storms. 19th Century novelist Louise May Alcott shared, “I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

Affirm – In this moment, I allow the clarity of Infinite Mind to lead me to right action. I let the fog of confusion disperse. I know what to do, how to be and where to go.  My path is clear and I have already succeeded. And so it is.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Let Go The Good Or Bad Label - A Decision Is Simply A Decision

The iconic New Thought minister Raymond Charles Barker, with an apparent provocative intent wrote in The Power of Decision, “Too many of the people, whom this world labels as good, are actually static, frightened people. They lack the courage to do wrong.”

How many of us have entered into the multi-faceted dynamics of life and the accompanying day to day decisions around our persona with a belief that looking good, answering good, behaving good is actually a positive?  If we were to authentically pause and examine our motivations, how much of our decisions are fear based rather than knowing based?  In this regard is caution good?

Another way to consider this approach is to look at life through the lens of Physical Decision Making vs. Spiritual Decision Making.

The physical approach to deciding and creating is the belief that we are going from nothing to something.  The ‘something’ does not exist and thus we must be careful. We must be good - avoid being wrong at all cost in order to have that ‘something’.  The spiritual approach is knowing that the ‘something’ is already here. It is undeniable. I simply make my decisions knowing that whatever direction the effect of my choice produces is simply leading me closer and closer to a greater fullness of my desires
already-fully-formed existence. There are no bad decisions, there are simply decisions that lead to greater clarity, greater alignment, greater embodiment.

A wonderful technique to invite greater knowing is to begin noticing the level at which you second-guess yourself.  What’s behind that hesitation? What might be fueling any doubt? Are you willing to drop the word guess from the equation and entertain the truth that your solution already exists? Whatever the current 'hidden' answer is, choose to affirm that it's apparent absence in no way extinguishes its existence.  Think of a cloudy sky and the fact that it does not extinguish an infinite galaxy beyond its stars. Each decision is proactive, not detractive and you can never, from the spiritual perspective be wrong.

This way we can let go of the hesitation and procrastination that comes with the fear of appearing wrong.  There is no wrong, there is only one refined decision after another after another after another. Any labeled glitch is a cloud.  Clouds are transitory. As I have often said, "Don't let a momentary cloud be your permanent sky."

Affirm: That which I desire is already here.  I welcome the removal of any barriers to my desire and celebrate the already having received joy of its arrival. And so it is!

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