Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Divine Order

Take into account that everything around you is birthed from the seed of genius. The experiences, the relationships, the rise and fall of all human experience - each has its genesis in that seed – we call it Divine Order and it is the path that all sentient beings already travel upon. Some walk this path with conscious awareness – others sleep walk and zig-zag like ball bearings in a pin ball machine maneuvered by the reflexes of others.

Re-awake from the stumbling and trudging and begin viewing your steps as energetic intentions carrying you towards experiences of euphoric mystery and expansion. Start now - lift one foot and declare – “I walk in exaltation!” Lift the other and affirm, “I walk as God.” Lift another and say – “My path is made free.” and another and shout, “I travel with wisdom and wonder!” Each step nourishes the genius seed and produces a never-ending harvest of abundant life.

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