Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Its Already Created

The author Neville wrote that the world of creation is finished and its original is within us.

Our opportunity is to see that desired creation – sense, feel, smell, taste it – even dialogue with it as if no time existed between now and its manifestation - to know that what we desire is already created.

Sometimes the simplicity and power of this spiritual practice gets swept under a rug of forgetfulness and we fall back into the notion that we are bound by linear time, earthly deadlines and specified forms.

You want that promotion?  Stop talking about the competition, downsizing and reasons why it's just not feasible and spend a spa moment in consciousness luxuriating in how it feels to be working in a creative environment that really gets you, loves you and honors you financially in unprecedented ways.  See in your mind's lens that radiant face of yours beaming at the fact that you get to go to the most incredible job.

About now is where the cynicism kicks in, the sarcasm, the arguing for limitations.  We're just too lazy to create that spa moment for ourselves - something so powerful and free yet readily disposed of by our day to day habits and rituals. It's an amazingly stupid way to live.

The power to manifest our individual intentions is readily available to us in this very moment.   

We simply begin to develop an understanding of  
*what it is we want, 
*how it is we wish to feel.   

Answering the question  
*why we want it wouldn’t hurt either.   

And with that clear intention we go on a deliberate journey in mind to the imagined moment when it is all in place and our hearts are grateful for it.

When was the last time you tried this for yourself?   

Take an idea, desire or hope and describe what your life would be like having it all be here now.  Close your eyes and build up to sustaining mental image making for at least 5 minutes a day.  Condition your imagination that this is your new normal.   

We’re never too to new or advanced to practice this powerful process every day.

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