Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School

There is no 'their children' - it is our children.
There is no 'their mental illness' - it is our mental illness.
This is not isolated - this is another effect from a long standing cause.
Separation of any kind is the ogre we all continue to feed, whether it is Christians thinking they are righteously superior over the Muslims or the Muslims over the Christians. 

It is Israel and Palestine, gay and straight, black and white, even men and women.

It is you against me and me against you. It ALL is separation proudly broadcasting its ignorance through our political and social systems and ignorance that fuels our fears when we refuse to accept anything that might be different than our front-porch comfort zone.

The greatest acts of hypocrisy are committed when any of us saddle up and ride our high horses of superiority or grovel in the gutters of our own self loathing. We must accept that each and every breathing soul is equally valuable or we are all pulling triggers.

Legislation alone will never repair what is broken if we first do not repair the thoughts about one another that brought us to the banks of this bitter river. Our condolences must be accompanied by our forgiveness towards everyone and to ourselves.

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  1. Dr. David, THANK YOU for your inspirational message at today's (12/16, 9:30 am) service. Themes of your touching and challenging message from this morning are echoed in this blog entry. I am so grateful that you not only addressed recent events in the news but that you addressed them head-on, in a vulnerable, honest, and straightforward way. The true beauty and soul searching that I experienced this morning was incredible. You are a gift and your message gave me and those sitting around me strength to bring the light. Peace.


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